Take care of yourself!

Hello everybody.

This particular article was kind of hard to write, I won’t make it a secret that it has taken me a long time to write this. I have started writing and deleted it all over and over again, changing, cutting and adding. Just because this subject is so personal and I find it so important to share with you, it makes it so difficult to put into words. Well, here it goes, I hope you catch my drift.


In the past year my life has changed drastically. My health has forced me to take things slower and take time to get better, and it is a journey I am still in. Whilst it is a hard journey, I need to keep reminding myself that I should be grateful for it. For getting the time to get to know myself, to resolve things and be a better person in the end. It has shown me what a beautiful family and friends I have, what a wonderful supportive and encouraging boyfriend I have and how unconditionally loved I am. So lets stick with the positivity for a while. These circumstances also have given me the time to learn all over again to take better care of myself, to listen to what I want and need. And this is where I also started dressing how I love everyday. Not thinking about what others might think, because who cares, it is about how I feel in it, not how they do. So yes, I dress the way I want everyday. Normally I would only dress like this for parties and special occasions, now I look like this all days of the year.


Dressing like this has given me a new appreciation for myself and my body. Of course us women, we will always be our own worst critics, and no matter how you look, there will always be something to complain about. But dressing in the pin-up or vintage style has made me appreciate my body so much more. It felt like such a liberation to find clothes that looked like they were made for my body. To make my body look feminine, to make you feel confident. There is nothing better (and this goes for women in any size) than a dress or an outfit that makes you feel like your best self. That accentuates and highlights your favorite features and makes you feel good about your body, and almost makes you forget about the things you do not like. It is definitely a way for me to go through this difficult period in my life.


Dressing like this makes me feel better. So If you feel like there is anything holding you back from doing what YOU want and what YOU need, think about this. This thought you can apply to a million and one things. Wether it is you wanting to learn that language you have always wanted to, wether it is traveling to that country you have dreamed about or to change something about your appearance or lifestyle, it is so important to take the time to care of yourself, in every possible way, and to not forget your own needs over those of others. Especially in todays time, where work, obligations and formalities and (how Mr. Tulips likes to call it) ‘The Book of Shoulds’ come before the things that you find important and make your life so much better, seeing your friends and family, indulging yourself every now and then, but also catering to your everyday needs properly. Taking time to sleep, taking time to eat and taking time for yourself.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips

All hail the queen of pin-up! Oh, how we love Bettie Page!

Hi everybody!


Probably the most famous pin-up model of them all, the naughty, witty, beautiful and talented Bettie Page. Teeny bikini’s, super high black heels, her famous bangs… Famous as she became in the 1950s, Bettie Page really stood out from the other models of that time, not only because of how beautiful, nature, talented and provocative she was, also because of how down to earth she was. Bettie Page soon became an icon. Making most of her outfits (as skimpy as they were) herself and being very modest and friendly. She just really enjoyed everything about what she was doing, and had lots of fun with it. She would go straight to the edge of those days with her modeling, but would never look cheap.


At the absolute top of her career, Bettie disappeared completely. Nobody knew why and where she went, but her popularity never ceased. Art, comic books, books etc. where made about or inspired by Bettie, but Bettie was nowhere to be found. If you want to know more about this, I advise you to watch the documentary ‘Bettie Page Reveals All’. I don’t want to spoil it for you ;). It is on Netflix.


Even nowadays Bettie Page is well known, and inspires todays artists, for example, look at Beyoncé’s music video, ‘Why don’t you love me?’, where she mimics a famous scene in one of Bettie Page’s clips, or Katie Perry, Madonna, the Pussycat Dolls… They were all influenced by Bettie’s looks and ways.


So go check out that documentary. It is really awesome and gave me so much insight about Bettie and how great of a person she has been.

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

OOTD: Hearts and Roses London Pink Floral Wrap Collar Dress

Hi everybody!

Today I would like to review a dress for you. One that my sister gave to me as a present. It is one of those dresses that on pictures in webshops doesn’t come across as awesome as it is, I had seen this dress before in webshops, but it never caught my attention, but when I opened the box it came in… ❤ I loved it right away!


Hearts and Roses London is a great budget brand, with good quality dresses. A lot of their dresses have this little rim of black tulle on the end of the skirts. It is a bit like their trademark. The pink floral wrap collar dress has a beautiful fit, is comfortable and the flower print is so pretty!


Normally I am not a huge fan of sleeveless dresses because they can sometimes show some of your bra through the arm holes, but this dress doesn’t. It doesn’t come with the belt I wear with it, I just like the extra waist definition.

IMG_0554 IMG_0556

I wear the dress with my Hell Bunny petticoat, because it gives me this extra poof, but it also looks great without, for days you don’t feel like wearing one, or when it is too hot. Don’t you just LOVE the hibiscus print? The little touches of pink make the dress stand out without being too bold.


Unexpectedly so, today was a very special day for me. Whilst I was out with my mother, we came across the 70th anniversary of the liberation in WWII of the city we were in, and found ourselves amides old army trucks, beautiful vintage cars and most beautiful of all, American veterans that have fought to liberate our country. Because I looked so vintage, the veterans came up to me and wanted to make a picture with me, telling me I remembered them of the girls back then. It was so special for me, meeting the brave men that have risked their lives for our freedom. I felt very honored to speak with them and shake their hands.


It was such a special day!

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips

Wartime kisses

Hi everybody.

For some reason I have always had a love for old photographs. Of course because of the clothing and style of those days, but there is something about the shades of black and white, the decoloration, the beautiful edges the prints have… It just makes my heart beat fast. So I would love to share some photo’s with you that I just can’t stop looking at.

Edith-Shain-is-kissed-by--004Something that I find so beautiful and that gets me choked up every time I see them are pictures of soldiers kissing their loves or their family goodbye to go to war. In such a sad and often hopeless time, with an unsure future, people were captured in a moment of love, forgetting the world around them, only living for this moment, for each other. Holding on until the very last second, until the train leaves and they don’t know when and if they will see each other again. Alfred Eisenstaedt, the man behind the most famous ‘wartime kiss’ the soldier kissing a nurse on Times Square, NY, has made a lot of these beautiful photo’s.

1966797_10203465758795713_465986707_n 1904169_10203465758595708_954425575_n 1901359_10203465758395703_880140101_n 1897761_10203465759835739_1290750050_n 1510672_10203465759275725_1077559843_n 1932391_10203465757995693_659439350_n 1920449_10203465757675685_539118603_n

1012078_10203465757515681_916560211_n 1959561_10203465757435679_1165186573_n 1975076_10203465757275675_1498550480_n 1897761_10203465756955667_1305163725_n

1011088_10203465757115671_404806837_n 1932228_10203465756915666_1587324470_n

1958012_10203465756555657_964297540_n 1960113_10203465756755662_1765534787_n 1508154_10203465756515656_131616192_n 

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I do.


Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

Enchanting a man ’50s style!

Hi everybody!

First of all I would like to apologize for the long wait some of you had since my last blog. I have been crazy busy and was suffering from a creative blockage, but I am trying to get right back to writing, so bare with me!

Every now and then I come across 1950’s guides. Nowadays they sound absolutely ridiculous, but back in the day women really took these tips seriously. Today I would like to share 6 ways to enchant a man, because remember girls, your own natural charm, being yourself and your personality will not help you find that handsome prince charming!


The tall, dark and handsome filmstar (because, who else is better to tell you what men want) Cornel Wilde has written this article for us women to make our lives so much easier when it comes to finding a proper man. It is all about charm. According to our new best friend Cornel, charm is something you can turn on and off at occasion, opposed to what I always thought, charm is something you have or you don’t. Thank god we have Cornel to tell us exactly how to do this.

According to Cornel you will not find your Mr. Right by ‘wearing this exciting hat, exotic perfume or having an admirable circle of friends’ but having charm, which he says is what most men look for in a woman. Because charm is what makes men feel wanted, special and ‘wonderful’. So how to be charming and enchanting you ask? It is simple, get along with his mother, because that is the way to his heart. Next to that the ‘little’ things matter, like speaking in a soft voice and having a warm smile. We better start practicing ladies! Oh, and don’t forget, read the newspaper, be aware of what happens in the world, interest yourself in what HE likes, especially sports.


Cornel also gives us the advice: ‘Take care to be punctual. Please, that’s so important because it really is the nicest compliment to the man you’re meeting.’ And he is right for sure. Your date will definitely lose all his interest if you would be 5 minutes late!! Lastly he ironically adds: ‘Above all, the charming and enchanting woman is the one who is completely natural. I’ve seen women ruin any chance of making the right impression simply because she is trying to impress him, or, to put it more bluntly, showing off.’ Because pretending to be different than you actually are is the most natural thing to do!


I bet you will have so much success with these tips, let me know if you have found Mr. Right like this! And may I say: Thank you Cornel! ; )

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips