Lovely brand: The Seamstress of Bloomsbury


Hello everybody!

During my visit at London Edge, I have discovered some brands that were quite new to me, and one that I would love to tell you a bit more about is The Seamstress of Bloomsbury. I am such a big lover of authentic vintage items, but unfortunately they are very expensive and difficult to find in good quality in all different sizes. When I passed by the booth of The Seamstress of Bloomsbury, my eye was drawn immediately at the gorgeous dresses I saw displayed. I even got more excited when I touched the dresses. They felt exactly like my original 1940’s 1950’s dresses!


This was the dress that made my heart stop, the Mae dress. I love the collar and the buttons on this dress, as well as how the skirt falls.

So when I spoke to the owner, Mr. Mike Stephens, he told me that The Seamstress of Bloomsbury was actually a real person, called Miss Lilian Wells, and that mr. Stephens had the privilege knowing and working with her. This is what their website tells about her:

London 1939 and England is on the brink of World War II.

Aged 14, Lillian Wells is apprenticed to a Bloomsbury dressmaker. She has little education but can already draw and paint and hand sew and embroider as if she were professionally trained, it is her natural gift. As she masters the seamstress’s art, her life seems to be clearly mapped out, she will sew beautiful frocks for the aristocratic families that inhabit the mansions around Bloomsbury Square. And dreams one day perhaps she will have a sewing room of her own, and meet a soldier, and marry, and have children … and make beautiful clothes for them too …

… but sadly Miss Wells dreams didn’t come true; she never met her soldier … but spent many years perfecting her exquisite sewing skills in a little room in Hamilton House, and became known as ‘The Seamstress of Bloomsbury’. Her work was admired and sought after by many great Aristocratic families and Royalty from around the world …

… we are extremely privileged to have known Miss Lillian Wells, to have worked with her, and to acknowledge the tradition of her skills … and now, in keeping with her wishes, we revive her original 1940’s patterns and designs … and are pleased we can share them with you.


The Peggy wrap dress is made of the most beautiful linen you will ever see. This is great for hot summers!

I have such a soft spot for stories like this, and I love that they wanted to continue her legacy and make dresses exactly like she did, using her patterns and her designs. It was so lovely to speak to mr. Stephen, and hear all about his passion for continuing Miss Wells work with authenticity and quality. As I said, when I touched the fabric they use, it made my heart beat faster! When I remarked how enthusiastic this made me, I was told that the fabrics they use are made and produced by themselves. They have thoroughly analyzed and studied original 1940’s fabrics, to an extreme precision, to make the fabrics as authentic as possible and to have the dresses look and feel exactly as they would have in the 1940s. Their crêpe de chine and their linen are of an exceptional quality and feel, as I have never seen before on vintage reproduction. The Seamstress of Bloomsbury doesn’t only produce dresses, but all kinds of separates as well.


The Clarice blouse is so beautiful. Imagine this on a pencil skirt. Look at that neckline!!

Besides that, I adore the attention for detail. The collars, buttons, beading, linings, decorations, everything looks absolutely authentic. For example, because the original Bakelite buttons are not available anymore, he commissioned to have buttons made to their exact resemblance, to make sure the authenticity stays. Everything is made with a great eye for detail and perfection. So I bet you will understand that one of these dresses are high on my wish list, and definitely will be purchased!!

Lots of Love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips

The results of my Pin-up photo shoot by Phantom Photography

Hello everybody!

I recently did another pin-up photo shoot and I would like to share some of the results with you! Several photographers were at this particular shoot so I will feature the photos in different posts divided per photographer. Today I feature my photo’s done by Jerry Zandwijk of Phantom Photography.







I’d love to know what you think about them!

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips

Miss Gingers London Edge Adventure Sponsored by Voodoo Vixen


Hello Everybody!

So I retuned from an amazingly fun and fabulous time in London. As you might have read before, I was invited by Voodoo Vixen to visit London Edge, wear one of their gorgeous dresses, roam around the fair and after that party, party, party! And one of the best things was that Miss Claudia June, my pinup partner in crime could join me!


Early morning glamour boarding.

So the morning started super early for me and Miss Claudia, getting up around 5 in the morning. Uuughhhh we are not morning people, but at least we looked awesome! I had spent the night at Claudia’s place so we could take down our pin curls, slap on some red lipstick and go. So we caught our plane around 08.00 and basically slept through the whole flight. As soon as we arrived in London, we dropped our stuff at the hotel, got some full english and took the underground to London Edge. Basically London Edge is a fair where alternative brands present their new collection, where wholesale costumers can pre-order the new collection and people like you and me will experience some serious dress porn. To me it was like clothing heaven, it was so wonderful to experience new brands and be able touch and feel their new clothing instead of buying them off a picture.


When we arrived we were welcomed by the lovely staff of Voodoo Vixen, that offered me the complementary Adeline dress that I had selected and that I absolutely loved and fitted like a glove. This dress is cute as a button! The floral/fruity print is so cute and I love the cutout in the sleeves. And best of all, it was long enough for my Dutch length, and my petticoat fitted perfectly underneath it. After changing in my new Voodoo Vixen dress we got primped up by a wonderful team of hairdressers that manage to get our hair back into shape after our journey.


We made a move towards the Press area, where we met some of our fellow bloggers, and I fell instantly in love with the 4/10 lovely, gorgeous, funny and sweet British Belles and Pixie Cosmina that were attending! It was so wonderfully nice to meet girls just as obsessed with anything vintage as I am. Besides that, they were the sweetest and pretties girls you will ever meet. I was already following these pretty ladies on instagram and I was totally fangirling. There was a chance to make pictures, posing is of course our favorite pinup-pastime.


Miss Fifi von Fosse, Amber Rose, myself, Pixie Cosmina, Miss Claudia June, Miss Amy May and Alice Nightingale


Pixie Cosmina and myself rocking the Adeline Dress. Dress twins! ❤

Later on we had a talk with the lovely Kat Williams of Rock and Roll bride. It was really nice hearing about her accomplishments as a blogger, how she started and created such a successful blog. After that we were free to roam the fair. And oh my, are there some new gorgeous collections coming up! We visited Daisy Dapper, Seamstress of Bloomsbury, Collectif, Hell Bunny, Besame Cosmetics, Voodoo Vixen, Le Keux and many more brands. This was just pure clothing porn. ❤

IMG_2978 IMG_2983 IMG_2984 IMG_2985

Later on we were invited to the Voodoo Vixen after party in the Gem Bar in soho, with a DJ, free drinks, VIP area and a Burlesque act. There we really had the chance to talk a bit more and have a drink with these lovely ladies we met, I even gained a British pinup wife, the lovely Miss Amy May, and all these girls I met seriously made the day. Pixie Cosmina, Miss Amy May, Miss Fifi von Fosse, Miss Amber Rose and Alice Nightingale… I have fallen seriously in love with these girls. We chatted for such a long time and I was soooo sad to see these girls leave.


Totally loving my British pinup wife, Miss Amy May


IMG_3046 I couldn’t bring myself to wipe off the kiss from Miss Amy May, and neither could she!

Thank you so much to Voodoo Vixen for inviting me, giving me the chance to meet these girls and have an amazing day! Miss Claudia and I have enjoyed this so much! Oh, and everybody, watch out, because the international Belles will reunite, I can’t wait to see these girls again!

Lots of Love xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips