1940’s Icons and their movies you must watch.

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In the 1940’s, cinema became booming business. To escape from the harsh reality of daily life during the second world war, people wanted to be entertained, so the cinema and theatre became immensely popular. With this the 1940’s icons have gathered fame that lasts even throughout this day. So who were some the famous female icons of the 1940’s?

Judy Garland


Judy Garland, actress and singer, became famous from a very young age on her first stage experience was at 2 and-a-half years old. Of course everybody knows her from her role as Dorothy in the ‘Wizard of Oz’, but also watch ‘Meet me in St. Louis’ and ‘A star is born’. Judy had this charm like no other.

Veronica Lake


The stunningly beautiful actress Veronica Lake became a true sex symbol and an icon with her characteristic hairstyle and her beauty. She was one of the only women (together with Rita Hayworth) that kept her hair long. Most women went for a shorter hairstyle. She was a true bombshell with her sultry looks and style. Watch ‘The Blue Dahlia’.

Lauren Bacall

Satin Siren

Passed away last year, actress and model Lauren Bacall. She was known for being the leading lady in Film Noire. She was known for her sultry voice, which was deep and found very distinctive. Watch ‘To have and to have not” and “how to marry a millionaire” (With Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable)

Betty Grable


Oh, Betty Grable… She mesmerizes me. I love the move ‘Pin-up girl’, with every close up she takes my breath away. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect figure… No wonder Betty was also called “Million Dollar Legs”, for having the beautiful legs in Hollywood. They even were insured for $1.000.000! Watch “Mother wore tights”.

So, these are some of my favorite icons. So this weekend, snuggle up on your couch with some tea and cookies and start watching those classic 1940s movies!

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My sisters wedding, what to wear?

Hello everybody,

I’m so sorry for the silence! I have been busy organizing a 1001 things.

What has been on my mind lately? Well, my sister is getting married in September, and I am still looking for the ideal dress! Since here in the Netherlands in September it can be either 15 or 25 degrees celsius, I need something that can either be worn as it is, or with a cardigan, scarf or something like that. I have been roaming my favorite brands and webshops for inspiration, but it has proven to be very difficult… So, I am asking for your help, over the course of time I will be posting some suggestions, please help me decide what to wear! I am not really worried about an outfit for the party at night, I will find one for sure. No the dress I meticulously need to choose is the dress I will wear during the ceremony and during the day.

Retro Wiggle Pinup Rockabilly Pencil Dress Clothing SHERYLW-500x550

So Topvintage sells this amazing Glamour Bunny Sherrie dress, I love the fit and the color of this dress, and I bet it would look amazing with my red hair. It is so cute and pretty with the little bow detail and pastel colors are just so perfect for weddings. I hardly wear any yellow, but this looks like a very soft color… So pretty.

Nina Floral Swing Dress

Topvintage also sells the Nina swing dress by Collectif. What I really love about this beauty, is that it is so romantic. Paired with some gorgeous short gloves this is perfection. Only disadvantage is that it might look a bit too bridal… This is such a cute dress though. I have seen this live on London Edge, and it is such a pretty little thing… The photo doesn’t even do it justice!


Here comes the Pinup Girl Clothing porn!! ❤ One of my favorite brands has some jewels…
Again Topvintage (Hooraaaaay for their huge collection) sells the Red Monica dress. This beauty would also be perfect, you can never ever go wrong with red. It’s the color of love and passion after all!


I’ve always wanted the green Ava dress by Pinup Girl Clothing. I just love this style, the green is so gorgeous and the style is so beautiful. I love the figure hugging aspect of this one, and of course that it will make me look like Joan, but then I came across the swing dress version of the Ava, in pink. Total swoon, this dress is amazing! Maybe I should go for this one… Love the sugary sweetness… ❤


So please help me! Do you have any suggestions for me, any ideas? Please let me know, I would love to hear from you all! I will post more suggestions soon!

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips