Pineapple Perfection Dress 2015 & Huge Collectif Summer Sale!


Hello everybody!

Sometimes you will unexpectedly fall head over heals for something you didn’t expect. Like this pineapple print. I mean you can’t possibly go wrong with a Dolores dress, the fit is AMAZING, but this print is quite something! It is bright, cheerful and in your face, so nothing I shy away from, but I actually own nothing like this. So when Collectif offered me to choose a dress to my liking, I decided to go for something completely different than I normally would go for. And that turned out to be a great decision. I fell in love with this print!


If you are no stranger to my blog, you know I wear a LOT of Collectif. Their fit is flawless, the quality is amazing and I basically love everything they make, but especially the Dolores dresses and tops. Right now I own about 4 Dolores dresses and 3 Dolores Tops, and I think this will definitely expand in the future. They give you an instant pin-up look, being comfortable and CUTE!! ❤ ❤ Yes, I LOOOOOOVE Dolores, we are very happy together.


I love that the Dolores dress is so “Tall Chick Proof”. With me being 1.80m (5.9″) these dresses come all the way over my knees. Besides that, they look amazing with and without a petticoat.



With this dress I might just have found “Miss Gingers Summer Dress of 2015”. The print screams summer and fun, the fit is comfortable and it’s perfect as a daily casual dress.


So whilst the summer is here, make sure to grab this gorgeous little number, it will put a smile on your face, make you fee like drinking piña colada’s and getting caught in the summer rain. And even better, Collectif is holding a huge summersale, everything at their website is 50% off with the code SUMMER50, and all orders from 50 pounds will have free shipping!


I’d love to see you wear this amazing dress, share them with me on Instagram or on my Facebook! 🙂

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Collectif Clothing Lottie Ruched Bathing suit in Navy

Hi everybody!


Just like with my previous swimwear review, I still am always a bit of a scaredy cat about reviewing swimwear and posting photo’s of myself in it. Even though in my swimwear I don’t feel as self-conscious anymore as I used to do, let’s face it, I am no Doutzen Kroes, I have no magic marker to swipe away my cellulite, love handles and bits and bobs, so they will be on full display in all their pale, jiggly glory. but guess what? Thats ok!


The problem with me and swimwear is quite simple. Bikini’s that make me happy are hard to find (I’d love to find one!) and bathing suits are most of the time too short, since I have this ridiculously long upper body. So It was a bit of a guess when I chose to review this bathing suit by Collectif Clothing.

Afbeelding 1

The Lottie Ruched Bathing suit comes in 2 different colours, red and navy. Since I have a bathing suit in Red, I chose to go for the Navy one. The Lottie bathing suit has a beautiful cleavage. Normally bathing suits without any wiring would make me a bit nervous, but this beauty seems to hold the girls up and quite in a very flattering way I must say!

Afbeelding 4

Like most vintage inspired bathing suits, the Lottie stretches out over your thighs for a flattering fit. The sides of the bathing suit are ruched, reminding me of Marilyn Monroe’s famous white bathing suit! The two straps cross on the back what I believe helps make the girls look so pretty in the front! ❤

Afbeelding 3

Afbeelding 2

As far as the length of the bathing suit, I was not at all disappointed! As with every bathing suit I encounter, I could benefit from some extra centimeters, but all and all this is a great fit!! Thank you Collectif ❤ !

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

My Spirit Colour: Red, Redder, Raddest!

Hi everybody,

If Iook around in my closet, by far the most occurring color is red and lots of red combined with other colors. For some reason I always tend to fall in love with red clothing and accessories. What is it that attracts me to this color? Of course it matches perfectly with my gingerness, but is there more behind it? And what are my favorite red pieces in my closet?

Red is the colour of love, passion, temperament, blood, danger… Red catches peoples eyes, makes people turn their heads. Red lips are more kissable and irresistible than any other coloured lips. Red lips are what separates girls from women. Women with red hair are stigmatized with being tempered, passionate, feisty, sexual… And if you would ask me, I would say that redheads are the ones that have more fun! All this provoked by the colour red… No wonder I like to wear red from bottom to top.


The Monica dress by Pin up Girl Clothing


Grace Wrap Sweetheart dress by Vivien of Holloway! ❤


Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny


Polkadot Swimsuit by Esther Williams


Dita shirt dress by Glamour Bunny


Alika Swing dress by Tatyana


Dress By Heartbreaker

Oh my… Looking at these old pictures makes me miss my long hair!!

What’s your favorite colour to wear?

Lots of love, xoxo

Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Lilac Penny Shirt dress by Lady Vintage

Hi everybody!

I found a dress that makes me look and feel like a 50s housewife, want to bake pies and be fabulous. And since this is a pretty awesome feeling and I know you want to feel like this as well I decided to review this dress for you today.


The Lilac Penny Shirt Dress by Lady Vintage is such a perfect summer dress! In the summer I preferably like to wear dresses made of poplin cotton. This cotton is nice and light and breezy. Even better is that it is a shirt-dress. I scored this dress in the Lady Vintage Sale, and it was even more beautiful than it had looked like on the website.


When I wear this dress it really makes me want to bake cookies and pie and make homemade lemonade to serve to every kid in the neighborhood. On a picnic!! The sugary sweet lilac color with the roses and dots print screams kitsch and cosiness. It just isn’t complete without a side of pie!


As I said, I love that it’s a shirt dress. Especially because it is a shirt dress that fits reasonably well in the bust. I say reasonably because I have never really encountered a buttoned dress that will not crinkle a bit at the widest part of my bust. I have a big size difference between my waist and bust, and when I size down to fit my waist snugly, my bust tends to be a bit tight. Oh well, such is life!


The dress has a beautiful collar with a modest view on your decolletée.  The dress comes with a fabric belt which has the same fabric. I was expecting to not really like this belt, since I almost always grab my elastic Hell Bunny ones, but it works very well in this case.



Being a tall girl, length is always an issue. But the Penny Dress comes at a nice length with my 1.80m. Just under my knee. Perfect. I think you can compare it with the length of their Audrey Dresses!


In the photo’s, I wear a medium wide petticoat (by Lindy Bop) to get this fifties housewife feel. It looks very pretty without it as well though. This dress comes in two other colors, Apple Green and Damson Berry.

So since I will be wearing this dress a LOT, nice recipes for pie anyone?

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Vivien of Holloway Grace Sweetheart Dress

Hello everybody!


Today I review a dress that I have been lusting over and dreaming about since February. Visiting London I knew I had to visit Vivien of Holloway for the first time. After getting off the tube I walked to the store and a beauty of a dress was displayed in the window. It was around Valentine’s day, the ideal time to fall in love, and the dress in the window couldn’t be any more perfect. Elegant, red, classy and sassy with the heart print. I tried this dress on and I didn’t want to take it off anymore, but I had to. Broken hearted I left. Until now, now she’s mine!


Vivien of Holloway is a UK based vintage reproduction clothing brand based on Holloway Road in London. Owner and designer Vivien has been sewing vintage inspired clothing for herself since she was a 10 year old girl, and this passion and love for vintage clothing never left her. At the young age of 18 she opened her own store in the former Kensington Market and sold her handmade clothing. This later turned into her very own brand and store at Holloway Road in 2000, and Vivien has become a big name in the Vintage Reproduction scene. Vivien’s dresses are made with a amazing detail for authenticity next to quality and comfort. Coming into the store on Holloway Road is an experience alone. Seeing the amazing clothing and dresses will make your heart beat faster and feel like you are in heaven. The staff has great expertise, measuring you up to ensure the right fit for their dresses.


The Grace Wrap dress is this dream of a dress made of cotton sateen that makes me feel like Betty Drapers ginger sister. It would definitely be something she would wear. It has this beautiful collar, that wraps your bosom, looking classy and gives a more modest look. This dress has a perfect circle skirt, fitting any size petticoat, but still will look full bough without and it’s ideal for twirling and dancing the night away. Immediately when it came in, I took it out for dancing with the Mr. and we came in second place in the dancing competition, winning a bottle of rum. Must be a lucky dress!


The Grace dress comes in many different prints, in cotton sateen or sateen. If you are looking for a beautiful, breathtakingly gorgeous and high quality dress that will turn heads, any of Viviens designs will do. Go have a look on her website, but I warn you though, you might fall madly, hopelessly in love!!


Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Daisy Frame Lighthouse Wallet by Vendula London

Hi everybody,

A little while ago I already wrote about Vendula London and their beautiful bags, but besides the beautiful and high quality bags they also produce accessories. Since my old wallet was falling apart, I was thrilled to receive the Daisy Frame Lighthouse Wallet! It’s nice and big and chunky, it fits all of my client cards, business cards and photos and it looks super cute at the same time! IMG_6758 In my previous blogpost about Vendula, you will be able to read about the amazing designs they have. Vendula makes animal friendly, high quality bags, purses, wallets and accessories with a unique look! I adore my Jewelry Shop Grab Bag and I have gotten so many compliments when using it. Like my bags, I like my wallet to be big as well. And when I say big, I mean big! Like clutch big! This wallet is the absolute right size, 19cm(H) 10cm(W) 4.5cm(D), with 12 card slots, 1 window card slot, 4 other interior pockets, 1 zipped interior pocket and a coin purse with extra card slot with a clasp.




Like all of Vendula’s designs, the details are amazing. I love the little phrases on the wallet: “This little light of mine, i’m gonna let it shine” and “You are my anchor”. The details on the wallet are hand sewn, like the little bow detail and the flower button. For more of these beautiful designs, be sure to visit Vendula! The Daisy Frame Lighthouse wallet retails for £37.00 and Vendula ships worldwide! Lots of love, xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips

Vintage recipes that will please your husband.

Hi everybody!

Today I am doing you guys a huge favor, you can thank me later. ; ) I have summed up some recipes especially made for pleasing your significant other, he’ll love you forever if you will make these dishes!


In this 1952 cookbook, you will find 10 wonderful recipes to keep your husband happy, satisfied and by you side. This is the ultimate cookbook for a long lasting marriage. Nothing beats an amazing cake to solve your relationship problems!

6a00d83451ccbc69e2017c385a638e970b-250wiBesides the importance of keeping your man happy, you will need some spice in your relationship. What better to spice your love-life up and make your man happy at the same time than preparing him some spicy baked beans?


And I bet you would love to impress your suitor, showing him you have real quality by making some amazingly good fried chicken with this recipe from 1959. He won’t be able to resist marrying you and you will be set for life!


Hooray for Quaker Oats! They have found the ideal way for men thinking you are great, and they will let you in on the secret!! All you need to do according to them is to make some amazing hamburgers with Quaker Oats following this recipe. They won’t shrink or become dry, because you wouldn’t want your husband to associate such qualities with you! Thank god Quaker understands and has you covered! And if you haven’t amazed him enough, after these succulent burgers. Quaker offers many more recipes to make sure he will be amazed and impressed! Thank you Quaker!


“What every young girl should know is this: nobody can resist a 7-Up “Float”! Want to see? Put a scoop of his favorite ice cream or sherbet in a tall glass. Tilt the glass and pour chilled, sparkling 7-Up gently down the side. The fresh, clean taste of 7-Up works a special magic with ice cream. And don’t forget a 7-Up “float” for yourself! P.s. Boys like 7-Up — Girls like 7-Up — for regular thirst-quenching too. Take home a case of 7-Up so you’ll have plenty on hand. You like it… It likes you!”

Thank god 7-Up still exists! Let me go make a float for my boyfriend right away!

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Scarlet Dress by Lindy Bop

Hello everybody!

Today I review one of my recent additions to my closet, a dress gifted to me by my sweet sister, the Scarlet Dress by Lindy Bop. This dress has been purchased at Salon Bonbon in Heerlen, the Netherlands. I have written a review on this store before (click!) and the owner Leonne has such a nice collection. I am a big sucker for floral prints and especially roses. This dress struck me almost immediately, I tried it on and I LOVED it! Unfortunately I didn’t have any budget for a new dress since this was just a couple of days before I made my move to Spain so I put it back in the rack (if that isn’t self-control I don’t know WHAT is!!). Later that same day my sister came in to buy me a goodbye present and the owner of Salon Bonbon told her how much I loved this dress but that I had to put it back. So she got it for me as a dress to wear when Mr. Tulips and I would go celebrate my arrival. Isn’t that sweet?


Lindy Bop is a UK based brand that makes low budget but very fabulous dresses. Over the years they have grown out to become a big name in the vintage reproduction business. They have significantly improved the quality of their dresses making this a brand you have to have in your closet being a pin-up girl. I have quite a lot of dresses by Lindy Bop and every time I am amazed by the quality and fit of these dresses, although I must say that I do prefer to buy these dresses in a real live store instead of online, because the fits of their dresses differ quite a lot per style, and I can try them on before I buy them.



Part of the massive difference in quality in comparison to the beginning year(s) of Lindy Bop is that they use a different fabric. This fabric is thicker, has some stretch to it and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Besides the amazing colour combination, I immediately loved the sweetheart neckline and the cute faux leather belt with a bow. The top of the dress is perfectly fitted and the skirt is pleated at the waist. Even though the skirt is not a circle and is more tulip shaped, a medium sized petticoat does fit just fine. I am wearing a Lindy Bop petticoat underneath the dress. After using the belt for a bit I was kind of disappointed. There seems to be a bit of a manufacturing mistake with it, either the pin is too small, or the holes in which the pin goes are too big. This resulted in it opening all the time, and I had to resolve it by piercing an extra somewhat smaller hole in the belt.



I wouldn’t say that this dress is a typical summer dress since the fabric is not thin enough, it could be a bit too warm when the temperatures go way up, I would say this is more of a Spring and early Summer dress, but I can see myself wearing this beauty during autumn and winter as well paired off with some thick tights and a cardigan.


So are there any specific Lindy Bop dresses you would like me to review? I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips