How to accessorize pin-up style to Pin-up Perfection!

Hi everybody,

For me, the pin-up style is all about the details. You can wear an amazing dress or outfit, but it just doesn’t look right until you have accessorized it up to a level of Pin-up Perfection (P.P).


Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny


Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny

I mean, the dress as is looks beautiful. (I love this dress and I will keep wearing it until the day it falls apart and I then I will try and buy a new one!!) But I don’t look like a pin-up here. It’s just a girl in a pretty dress. What makes the difference is that I wear a snood and a cherry clip in my hair, made some victory rolls and wear red lipstick and winged eyeliner. In another blogpost I will get back to you with some hairstyling and make-up tips, but today I would like to talk about the accessories that can totally make your outfit P.P.

Hair flowers.

A cheap and easy way to achieve P.P. is to put some flowers in your hair. I can’t live without these as they instantly brighten my look and gives this real 40s and 50s feel. If you want to go budget proof, e-bay has lots of hair flowers to offer. You can also make them yourself, like I regularly do. H&M also has some nice flowers every now and then. Of course you can also leave it up to the professionals. There are some amazing crafty ladies that will be able to make you some amazing hairpieces, like NicCoco Creations or Daisy Jean Floral Designs.


Handmade by me


Handmade by me




Handmade by me



Hats and hair accessories.

Although I don’t wear my hats quite enough, I love it when I do. Wether it’s a small pillbox hat or a big flappy sunhat, I love the way it completely sophisticates your look. Next to that, chiffon hair scarves are amazing. Using it to cover up your bad hair day or to just place a pretty bow in your hair, it gives a great retro vibe! 1940s style snoods can’t be left out of the picture. Paired with some victory rolls and a hair flower, you will turn some heads!


Hat by H&M


Hat by H&M


Hat by H&M


Thrifted hairscarf


Thrifted hairscarf


Pillbox hat by Collectif Clothing


Snood from e-bay and hair flower from H&M


Thrifted hair scarf


Allthough for most people it is a necessary evil, I love wearing my glasses. I have several pair, from reproduction to true vintage, and I love all of them. Being pin-up styled all the way and then wearing modern glasses just doesn’t look right. I totally breaks your look. On ebay, etsy and many online shops like The Vintage Optical Shop, you will be able to find some amazing glasses, as well as sunglasses to finish your look.


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop


Glasses bought at Salon BonBon


Glasses by Alain Mikli. Model ML1233


Glasses by the Vintage Optical Shop


Sunglasses from Ebay


Glasses by Alain Mikli. Model ML1233


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop


Glasses by Vintage Optical Shop

Belts, jewellery, petticoats and pretty shoes.

Although most dresses come with their own belt, I tend to replace them with the elastic belts by Hell Bunny, since the cinch in my waist more. 40s and 50s style is all about the contrast between a small waist and wide hips. So, buckle up and wear yourself a petticoat! And of course diamonds are a girls best friend, but so are pearls and so is Erstwilder.


Belt from e-bay


Hell Bunny Belt


Necklace by Erstwilder


Lindy Bop Petticoat


Brooch by Erstwilder


Thrifted shoes


Pearls ❤

The best accessories EVER.

And some accessories you just can’t buy, life grants you them. Your significant other, family and friends! ❤


❤ Miss Claudia June

IMG_5011 IMG_5017 IMG_5534 IMG_6229 IMG_1556

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips

Old Dutch Printed Dress! <3 Whispering Ivy Annie Dress

Hi everybody!

Ever since I started living abroad, missing the beautiful little country I call home, my sense of national pride has been strengthened even more! For example , every time we are on the road and I see a yellow and black Dutch license plate I almost make the Mr. stalk the car with his Spanish car just for me to wave at them, trying to make them realize I am one of them, of course freaking these people out and making a total fool of myself. So when Whispering Ivy offered me to review some of their dresses and I spotted the Annie dress, I knew this dress would make my heart gleam with Dutch Pride!


Ok, just to clarify things for you non-Dutchies. Why this dress has this amazing Dutch feel to it is because it reminds me of Delftware, or Delft pottery  which is blue and white pottery made in and around Delft in the Netherlands in the 16th century. Whole beautifully hand painted table wear, vases, pottery, little tiles with phrases on it and much much more was created with this style.


The dress is made of a beautiful stretch cotton making it super comfortable. So this dress is all I need, it has Dutch national pride, it’s pretty and comfortable and has a built in petticoat, which is perfect for the extreme heat here in Spain at the moment. The petticoat lining of the dress has just enough poof to make the dress stand out a bit. If you would like you could even wear an extra petticoat underneath it.



The dress is cut quite high in the front, making the girls look slightly bigger, but not too much. The bodice is lovely fitted to avoid looking too heavy on top. The Annie dress comes with a thin fabric belt.



If you think the dress looks amazing from the front, just wait until you see the back. The back of the dress is beautiful cut, and attaches with a bow. Like the Beverly Dress I reviewed a little while ago, the design has taken into account that we don’t want to be showing off our bra strap, making sure it is covered!


This dress is very tall-girl-friendly, reaching just below my knee. Yaay! Loving the dress, it makes me feel like a little piece of hand painted Dutch art!!


Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips

Anxiety and me

Hi everybody,


Today I won’t be talking about pretty dresses, cute accessories or beautiful shoes, but I will go talk about something a bit more serious. It has been hard writing this, and I have spent quite some time editing, rethinking, rephrasing to try to clarify myself. I’m going to talk about something that I believe affects everybody in a certain way, some will just occasionally come across this, being able to deal with it perfectly fine, but some will experience a really high level, so high that it seriously influences and affects your life and everything in it. I’m talking about anxiety. I have been suffering from anxiety for most of my life and basically can’t remember myself any other way. For me it’s quite important to tell you a bit more about this psychological disorder, and how common this is. Not until about 2 years I found out that me being so worrisome and at times downright panicked and scared had a name. An anxiety disorder.


If you would look up the medical term it tells you this:

Anxiety disorder: A chronic condition characterized by an excessive and persistent sense of apprehension, with physical symptoms such as sweating, palpitations, and feelings of stress. Treatments include the comfort offered by understanding the condition, avoiding or desensitizing exacerbating situations, and medications.

So what does this mean for me? Basically I can get very easily worried and scared about things I can’t influence. This can be because of life changes, important decisions that need to be made or something as simple as traveling all alone to a place I have never been before. Preferably I want to know everything and anything before it happens, so I can prepare and be my absolute best self and be able to prepare for worst-case-scenario’s and everything that can possibly go wrong. But since I don’t have a crystal ball to look in the future, nor have I found anybody that does as yet, like everybody else I have to go with the flow and trust that it will all work out without any of my control. But unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. I can’t seem to let go and enjoy the adventure. So I start preparing for worst-case-scenario’s anyway and overthink, worry, panic, overthink some more and let my thoughts spiral out of control up to the moment I think the whole world will end with me failing or making a mistake. Not fun. I have felt like this for as long as I can remember. So basically: Perfection + Control Freak + Not being able to apply control = Anxiety. And long periods of anxiety can and will cause depression. So this is in a nutshell what has happened to me about 2 years ago. At the moment I can say that I am recovering very well and doing quite allright. I’m not there yet, but I am sure feeling a hell of a lot better than I have.


So what do you do if you suffer from this, or you recognize yourself in my story? First of all talk about it. You will find out that many many more people suffer from the same in some extent. Mostly in silence. It will do you good to know you are not the only one that deals with this. There seems to be a big stigma around mental health, you don’t talk about it and you don’t ask people about it. People with mental disorders are often considered weak and whiney. Would you say the same about people with a physical disease? Not being able to see an illness doesn’t mean it isn’t there. If you feel like anxiety is influencing your life negatively, go and find psychologist to help you. Don’t look at therapy as something that is uncommon or something strange. I like to see it like this. If your teeth hurt or bother you, you go to the dentist to have it fixed without giving it a second thought. In a way going to a therapist is the same, you go to see somebody to have something fixed. So don’t let this hold you back. A therapist will be able to give you guidelines and instructions to get yourself through this. It is possible, no matter how difficult it may seem.


You might wonder why I write this? Where does this fit in my blog? Well, when I was at my all time low, I found peace and comfort in taking care of myself by dressing beautifully and doing my hair and make-up. It made me feel better. It was a reason to get out of bed. After all, it is such a waste to wear some amazing dress, have your hair and make-up on point for you not to leave the house and the only one to witnesses your glory is your cat… 😉  I believe that it is so important to take good care of yourself, and your mental health is definitely part of it. Please don’t feel alone with whatever your are suffering from. There are many people like you and me and there is a way to get through this.

Lots of love,

Miss Ginger Tulips

My sisters wedding, outfit choices!

Hi everybody,

As I have mentioned in a previous blogpost, my oldest sister is betting married in September. I had been struggling with what to wear, but I finally made a decision, and because I couldn’t possibly decide between two fabulous dresses, I will have two outfits for the day, one for the formal part of the day, and one for the dinner and party!

Ceremony dress:

Pinup Girl Clothing Ava Dress in Emerald Green

ava4 pc-ava-gn_01_2-2

This dress had been on top of my “What to wear to my sister wedding” list. I could totally picture myself wearing this dress, the green complimenting my hair, and channeling my inner Doris Mayday. Yes! And when my dress arrived and I put it on, I knew that this dress is everything I love and more. It’s formal, luxurious, classic and with a hint of va-va-voom. I am planning on pairing this beauty with golden shoes, and I am still browsing to find an amazing hairpiece, preferably flowers. I would love to get some suggestions!!

Dinner and Party Dress:

Miss Candyfloss Venus Kathy Dress



I remember seeing this dress at London Edge and instantly loving it. It wasn’t until quite recently, after I had already ordered the Ava Dress for the wedding, that I fell for this Turquoise Vision. Suddenly my whole conviction of the Ava dress being the perfect dress for the wedding was shaken. So that’s when I decided to wear two dresses. I love this dress because it is so playful, fun, cute, stylish and the colour just pops!! The lace is to die for and the skirt is full and puffy, even without a petticoat. I have already ordered turquoise ballet flats to combine with this dress, still in search for other accessories.

So what do you guys think? Aren’t they amazing? And all advice and suggestions are very very welcome!

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips

Fabulous Floral Frock! Whispering Ivy Beverly Dress.


Hi everybody!

Today I review a dress by a brand that was very new to me. I am delighted to be able to review these dresses and spread the word about Whispering Ivy, since I have become a big fan ever since I tried their dresses on. Whispering Ivy is a vintage reproduction brand that specializes in 1950s style dresses with a modern twist. Their range consists of many wonderful dresses, and I was lucky enough to be able to review some of their dresses, starting with this Fabulous Floral Frock!


I have an enormous soft spot for floral prints, and particularly when they are colourful! I love the combination of bright pink and cyan. You can imagine my sheer excitement when I first put on this dress. It was love at first sight and I knew we were going to live happily ever after!



This beautiful dress has an amazing V-shaped neckline, is made of a beautiful quality cotton with a slight stretch (making sure this dress will fit perfectly snug), has two cute buttons at the bust line and comes with a matching fabric belt. I was so happy to see that this dress is very tall-chick-friendly. Being 1.80m, (5ft11) this dress has a great length, just over my knee, just the way I like it! Besides that, the dress is super comfortable! ❤ Hooray for Whispering Ivy!! ❤


Another feature I love is the back of the dress. like in the front, the back has a V-shape as well, which is perfectly shaped and placed, preventing you from showing the back of your bra.



The sizing of this Whispering Ivy dress tends to run to the larger side. With me normally wearing an L or XL, in this dress I wear an M.

Go check out to find a retailer nearby or order directly from their website if you are a US or Canadian citizen.

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Erstwilder Jewellery <3

Hi everybody!


First I would like to apologize to all you lovely readers for being so absent! I have been on a mini holiday to my home country, celebrating my sisters bachelorette party and enjoying my friends and family over there. Now I am back in Spain, all refreshed and ready to start blogging again.


Todays review comes with a *disclaimer* (so don’t say I didn’t warn you!): “Miss Ginger Tulips will not be responsible for any financial catastrophe after buying everything Erstwilder has to offer, nor will she try to stop you buying all the pretties, because CUTENESS!!” So, are we clear on that? Ok, then keep on reading!!

I have had my eyes on Erstwilder‘s jewellery since forever, and when I got the chance to review some of their pieces, I jumped for joy! Erstwilder is an Australia based jewelry brand that makes the cutes little artworks you will ever have seen, available in selected boutiques across Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Japan. Their jewelry is made of a high quality resin and they come in the cutest packaging ever. I have had the chance to review 4 beautiful pieces.

Dot the dozing deer.


Isn’t she lovely? With her coral and teal colors, she’s such a perfect match with my Lindy Bop Ionia dress! I can believe how beautifully detailed Dot is. She’s three-dimensional and has these cute hand painted dots on her back. ❤


Bluebird of happiness.


The Bluebird of happiness isn’t so blue at all! It’s red, with an beautiful cracked pattern. This little bird feels very at home by your side. Just like Dot, he’s three-dimensional! Here I have paired him up with my all time favorite dress, the Cordelia dress by Hell Bunny, where he peeps in between the poppies!

IMG_7265 IMG_7260_2

Cherry Merry Polkadot Necklace.

I love myself some cherries. Possibly my favorite print ever, and how amazing is this necklace to match all my pretty dresses?


I normally don’t wear chunky necklaces, but this necklace is just too perfect. With any piece of red clothing this finishes the look completely!



Patsy’s Peepers Necklace.


This is just perfection. A glittery pink pair of glasses!! I wish they would make them life sized, I would totally wear them! Until then, I will just enjoy wearing Patsy’s Peepers around my neck.


So now you want all of them right? Told you so! And guess what, they have many more amazing designs! Be sure to check out for a retailer close to you!

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips