Unapologetically Vintage

This is a guest blog written for the launch of Voodoo Vixen’s renewed website http://www.voodoovixen.co.uk. 🙂

Hi lovely Voodoo Vixens!

Every single day I get up in the morning, pick out a lovely dress from my ever expanding wardrobe, sit down in front of my beautiful vanity table, undo the pincurls I have meticulously rolled and pinned the night before, start brushing and sculpting my hair, wing my eyeliner, paint my lips red and after a splash of one of my favorite perfumes, I feel ready to take on the day.

People regularly ask or tell me, “Do you really do this routine every morning and evening?” “Where do you find the time?” “Who or what do you dress up for?” And the answers are: Yes, I just take it and MYSELF!

I grew up with a mom that was always dressed beautifully, made an effort and enjoyed looking pretty. I think I caught that virus from a young age on. Ever since I got to choose my own outfits when we would go shopping, there has been a LOT of colour, quirkiness and things that I like, not necessarily what other people like. This has of course had an effect, I always stood out and looked different, but I never compromised or apologized for being the way I am and dressing the way I do.

With the right dress and the right lipstick you can instantly feel like a million bucks, and why save that for special occasions? I love myself enough to want this every single day, not waiting for a right occasion that might never come and I will unapologetically continue wearing the most beautiful dresses and clothing. And so should you. So come go girl, go explore this amazing website and find yourself a dress that will make you feel like a million bucks!

Lots of love,

Miss Ginger Tulips

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