Halloween wannahaves!

Hi loves,

My favourite season is here! Autumn! Bring on all the pumpkin spice, my birthday and HALLOWEEEEEEEEN!! ❤️

Drawing by the amazing Mark Sheard

This year brands have really stepped up the game in their Halloween lines! Here are some of my wannahaves!!

I absolutely NEED all the Vixen swingskirts by Vixen by Micheline Pitt. No, I need all she makes. This woman is a genius and you need her clothing in your life! This combo makes my heart swell! The trick or treat print is so vibrant and I just love the comb with the maneater top!!

Matilda dress
Hetty dress

Although Lindy Bop and I have a bit of a love hate relationship, there are some dresses that I know and love dearly. These two. The Matilda with the limited edition pumpkin print and the Hetty in this beautiful mustard colour kind of really need to be in my collection. ❤️

A brand that has really made a revolutionary change is Hell Bunny. I just LOVE the Salem dress the amazing Georgina of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust is modelling for them. Just look at that print with the cute collar. And how can I not love anything that Georgina sports? ❤️ #fangirl

Cats, cats, cats!! Black cats!! Lady Vintage brought out their popular Hepburn dress in this cat print!! So cuuuuute!! 

What are your Halloween favourites? 🎃 Let me know in the comments!! 

Miss Ginger Tulips 

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