Lola wears tartan – Voodoo Vixen AW17-18 Lola Dress

Hi lovelies,

You might remember Voodoo Vixen doing a collaboration with Rachel Jensen last year. Many people missed out on this amazing collection so Voodoo Vixen is bringing back the most lusted after piece, the Lola dress in their full size range up to 4XL and not only that, soon there will be a red colourway available!! We love you Voodoo Vixen!! 

So I surely didn’t want to miss out this year and snatched one! So in that days last rays of Spanish sun I decided to shoot this amazing dress. 

I am such a sucker for tartan, and especially green tartan, so to me this dress is what dreams are made of. The Lola dress comes with a detachable fake-fur collar and is just as gorgeous with or without. It has a typical 1940s cut which could mean you need to size up from your regular size or check the size chart very well! 

This is not a typical swingdress, it has a tight fitting bodace and the skirt flares out slowly, meaning less space for your tummy. I wore a shaper under this dress to take away all the lumps and bumps. 

Can we just talk about the skirt for a while?? I am 1.80m or 5.9″ and the skirt falls quite far OVER my knees! Hallelujah!! This dress fulfills all my long legged needs! 

With or without the fake-fur collar, the bodice is absolutely stunning, being big boobed, the pleats formed no problem and provided with enough space for my tata’s. 

Needless to say I am absolutely in love with this dress and I can’t wait for the weather here in Spain to cool down enough to be able to wear it!

So be quick and snatch yourself one of these beauties, I swear you won’t regret it! 

Shop the Lola Dress by clicking here or visits

Miss Ginger Tulips

Miss Ginger’s  Vanity Table: Le Keux Pin Up Powder and Every Cream + Discount code

Hi lovelies,

In this new section on my blog I will be reviewing anything you could find on my vanity table, starting with two gorgeous Le Keux products. Le Keux Cosmetics is an English company that manufactures cruelty free and paraben free cosmetics in the UK.

Lovely Lynsey Le Keux, boss-lady of Le Keux vintage salon and cosmetics sent me two products to try out, Pin Up Powder, a gorgeous soft finishing powder like they made in the olden days and Every Cream, a multi functional cream for hydrating, cleaning and removing make-up.

The first thing that makes my vintage heart beat faster is of course the packaging. Already before unpacking the actual product I squealed a little over the boxes they came in, but that was nothing compared to the actual product packaging. My goodness, these product are a little gem to have on your vanity table or in your bathroom. The gorgeous pink gemstone-like shaped jars are true eye catchers.

But of course what really matters is what’s inside! So let me start with the Pin Up powder. Next to perfume bottles with old fashioned tasseled pumps a powder with a fluffy powderpuff is one of these iconic images we have when we think about old fashioned cosmetics. So Le Keux has got us covered with a silky smooth finishing powder with a little pink powderpuff. The powder is meant to fix your make-up by dusting all over your skin including brows, eyelids and lips.

The powder looks pinkish tan in the pot but gives an amazing soft and translucent finish with a pretty glow. A little powderpuff is included, although it might be a bit little to my liking. I would have liked a bigger one, but I guess this powderpuff is the right size for dipping it in the powder. What makes this powder different from any other everyday powder is that I haven’t yet encountered a powder that is translucent even for my skintone without looking ghostly. It corrects the redness in my skin and keeps my make-up in place all day long.

Another iconic old fashioned beauty product is Pond’s cold-cream that you could use in different ways. Le Keux has made a lovely scented modern day version. The Everyday Creme is a cleanser, make-up remover and moisturiser in one. You can apply this thick cream on a cotton and wipe your make-up off or warm some cream between your hands and massage your face and remove with warm water for a morning cleanse.

So after opening the jar the first thing that came to me was an amazing sultry vintage scent. If you would close your eyes you would imagine yourself in a 1950s beauty salon. I adore it. I like to leave some on my hands to moisturise after applying, and I catch myself sniffing the back of my hand after applying this on my face. In its use as a moisturiser, the cream is nice and full but not too heavy. My sensitive skin responds very well to it and it doesn’t make my make-up glide off my face.

Then to put the cleansing part to the test. To really try it out I cleaned my full face day make-up easily. But a real challenge and easier to show you is some waterproof long lasting lip pencil. So I decided to put my MAC cosmetics ‘Kiss me quick’ pr0-long wear lip pencil to the test.

Without too much effort, with a little cream and a cotton I managed to clean off the thick swatch I made on the back of my hand.

All and all I am quite impressed with these products and will definitely continue to use them. Did you get just as excited and would like to try these products? Guess what, there’s a lot more vintage inspired make-up and cosmetics by Le Keux cosmetics and I have a special discountcode for you for 10% off your order on!  Use MISSGINGERTULIPS10 with your checkout.  Soon on the blog, there will be a review of their lovely lip paints and eyeliner!

The Pin Up Powder retails for £18,95 and the Every Cream retails for £15,95 on

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

Polkadot perfection: Dolly and Dotty Lilian Dress 💙

Hi lovelies,

Today I review a little pearl of a dress for you! I love getting to know new brands and my first experience with Dolly and Dotty has been great! Dolly and Dotty is a UK based brand that is very budget friendly, good quality and delivers gorgeous dresses world-wide. I had the chance to review the Lilian dress in blue polkadot and I am really impressed!

I wear my usual size 14 in this dress and it fits like a charm. Made of cotton with a little bit of elastane it has a good stretch, making the dress fit well in all the right places. The immediate eye catcher is the bow-like bust that contrasts with the polkadot print, giving some extra emphasis on the bust. This design is something that I hadn’t seen before in other brands.

Unique is that the Lilian dress comes with two different fabric belts. One in white and one in the polkadot print, so you can decide which one you like best. I must say that both are equally lovely, depending on the way you accessorise the dress.


Something that you might not immediately notice but might just be my favourite feature on this dress is the little upright collar. It reminds me very much of the collar on the Royal blue dress Marilyn Monroe wears as Lorelei Lee in Gentlemen prefer blondes. 

In these pictures I paired the dress with a petticoat but because the circle skirt is very wide and will accomodate any size petticoat, it also looks full and pretty without.

The Lilian dress comes in many different prints and retails for £34,99 but is currently on sale for £14,99. Go to and get your hands on one of these before they run out!


Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Voodoo Vixen Poppy dress

Hello lovelies,

If there is any brand that is super supportive of bloggers it is Voodoo Vixen. In the past I have reviewed quite some items and even got invited to be a VIP at London Edge. (click to read all about this) Today I will review an amazing dress from their new AW16 collection.

The poppy dress is a typical Miss Ginger dress, since I am a sucker for floral dresses, especially in these tones, red, grey, white and black. The print has some beautiful red lilacs and wild roses paired with black and grey leaves. The white background really makes the print pop!

As with every Voodoo Vixen dress I own, the fabric is great quality. It has a lovely stretch, is comfortable and soft. The black details on the bustline, the fake collar and button give a great shape to the neckline. The poppy dress is paired with a fabric black belt to accentuate your waist. I have paired my dress with a triple rose hairpiece that I made myself.

The new Voodoo Vixen collection is online now, get your hands on this pretty dress soon, because I have the feeling it will be a very popular style! ❤️

Lots of love,

xoxox Miss Ginger Tulips

Review: Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress

Hello lovelies,

Photo by Jerry Zandwijk @ Phantom Photography

If you are familiar with vintage reproduction clothing, it’s impossible not to know Pinup Girl Clothing, or as the junkies like me call it, PUG. In the past I have written a blogpost about their absolutely amazing and masterpiece the Monica Dress, which is an absolute musthave for EVERY woman, and shared my love for PUG.

Another classic is the Jenny Dress. This amazing boned, flaring, figure enhancing, twirly dress with its metres and metres of fabric is one of PUGs steady designs that come out every season in different colors and prints. I myself have some of these amazing dresses and they are fabulous.

At $141 they don’t come cheap, like any other PUG item, but they are absolutely worth the investment. The Jenny dress has a sturdy bodice that is boned to give you a beautiful bust-line and a cinched waist and flares out in an amazing full swing skirt with metres and metres of high quality cotton that breathes and shapes after you. Also without petticoat, this dress looks full and twirly. The straps on the bust are adjustable, accommodating every type of bust, wether you are large chested or small chested.

The Jenny Dress really has a cult status and is one of the classic styles PUG offers, bringing out limited editions every season. There are definitely some styles that are on my wishlist and I know there is always more to come! Keep your eyes out on their website for limited editions and snag yourself one of these beauties. You won’t regret it.

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips

Orangey goodness with Doll me Up Darling


Hello lovelies,

I have been craving an orange print dress for such a long time and Doll me Up Darling managed to hook me up with a dress that equals perfection. Their Juicy Orange dress fulfills all my lusts with an orange print combined with polkadots. I mean. Does it get any better?


Doll Me Up Darling is a US based company run by a young female entrepreneur, Krista Apodaca. Having a true dress obsession, Doll Me Up Darling offers some amazing and wonderful dresses that make my heart beat faster, but next to that they carry some amazing separates, beauty products, accessories and shoes that I know you will love.


The Juicy Orange Dress is a high quality, 100% cotton and unlined dress with a beautiful neckline that gives some serious ‘Oompf’ to your boobarella’s with at the same time staying classy and sophisticated.  The dress comes with spaghetti-straps in matching fabric. Being 100% cotton, the dress doesn’t allow a lot of stretch. Generally sizing down in swing dresses, wearing an L, but following their size chart I was advised to size up and I am glad I did, because it fits like a glove, meaning their size chart is spot-on. The skirt has plenty of room for a big petticoat but also looks lovely without.



Not only did I find this dream of a dress, next to that I found the PERFECT cardigan to wear with swing dresses. The Tootsie Crop Cardigan in Kelly Green is an amazingly soft, comfortable and stylish cardi with the ideal length to match all your pretty dresses. DMUD carries this cropped cardigan in many different colors and they are really affordable. This means I am going to need all the available colours to match my wardrobe!

Doll Me Up Darling offers free US shipping and free worldwide shipping with orders over $150 and next to that they offer amazingly affordable shipping rates. Go over to their website and have a look!



Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips



All hail the queen of pin-up! Oh, how we love Bettie Page!

Hi everybody!


Probably the most famous pin-up model of them all, the naughty, witty, beautiful and talented Bettie Page. Teeny bikini’s, super high black heels, her famous bangs… Famous as she became in the 1950s, Bettie Page really stood out from the other models of that time, not only because of how beautiful, nature, talented and provocative she was, also because of how down to earth she was. Bettie Page soon became an icon. Making most of her outfits (as skimpy as they were) herself and being very modest and friendly. She just really enjoyed everything about what she was doing, and had lots of fun with it. She would go straight to the edge of those days with her modeling, but would never look cheap.


At the absolute top of her career, Bettie disappeared completely. Nobody knew why and where she went, but her popularity never ceased. Art, comic books, books etc. where made about or inspired by Bettie, but Bettie was nowhere to be found. If you want to know more about this, I advise you to watch the documentary ‘Bettie Page Reveals All’. I don’t want to spoil it for you ;). It is on Netflix.


Even nowadays Bettie Page is well known, and inspires todays artists, for example, look at Beyoncé’s music video, ‘Why don’t you love me?’, where she mimics a famous scene in one of Bettie Page’s clips, or Katie Perry, Madonna, the Pussycat Dolls… They were all influenced by Bettie’s looks and ways.


So go check out that documentary. It is really awesome and gave me so much insight about Bettie and how great of a person she has been.

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips

OOTD: Hearts and Roses London Pink Floral Wrap Collar Dress

Hi everybody!

Today I would like to review a dress for you. One that my sister gave to me as a present. It is one of those dresses that on pictures in webshops doesn’t come across as awesome as it is, I had seen this dress before in webshops, but it never caught my attention, but when I opened the box it came in… ❤ I loved it right away!


Hearts and Roses London is a great budget brand, with good quality dresses. A lot of their dresses have this little rim of black tulle on the end of the skirts. It is a bit like their trademark. The pink floral wrap collar dress has a beautiful fit, is comfortable and the flower print is so pretty!


Normally I am not a huge fan of sleeveless dresses because they can sometimes show some of your bra through the arm holes, but this dress doesn’t. It doesn’t come with the belt I wear with it, I just like the extra waist definition.

IMG_0554 IMG_0556

I wear the dress with my Hell Bunny petticoat, because it gives me this extra poof, but it also looks great without, for days you don’t feel like wearing one, or when it is too hot. Don’t you just LOVE the hibiscus print? The little touches of pink make the dress stand out without being too bold.


Unexpectedly so, today was a very special day for me. Whilst I was out with my mother, we came across the 70th anniversary of the liberation in WWII of the city we were in, and found ourselves amides old army trucks, beautiful vintage cars and most beautiful of all, American veterans that have fought to liberate our country. Because I looked so vintage, the veterans came up to me and wanted to make a picture with me, telling me I remembered them of the girls back then. It was so special for me, meeting the brave men that have risked their lives for our freedom. I felt very honored to speak with them and shake their hands.


It was such a special day!

Lots of love, xoxox

Miss Ginger Tulips

Miss Gingers reflections: Message to all women: Dressing the way you want is your personal right.

Hi everybody,

The other day I got surprised by my boyfriend when I was sleeping till late and he was already up. He had written something for me and I thought it would be interesting to share.



I thought I would just write something whilst my beautiful pin up queen is asleep.

I am the boyfriend of a gorgeous pin up girl. This is not an easy task in a way that if you are a Latin and potentially jealous man, going hand in hand with a well kept monument day by day whilst many men roll their heads, well, let’s say that it is going to take a lot of patience and work from my side. From her side, there is only one task: Be absolutely glamorous and breathtaking, and oh boy does she succeed in that particular duty. 
I am myself a rockabilly/pin up fan. I used to be a rockabilly back in the early mid 90’s when it was already démodé, and I enjoyed my fair share of pomps, greasy pomades, leather jackets, boots and tons of music by Gene Vincent, ElvIs Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, The four Aces and of course the Stray Cats to name a few groups and artists. 

I remember catching the attention of everyone around me and feeling misunderstood. Then, someone “like me” would appear to the scene, and the Teddy boys would be parting  at large again. 

Today I see some of my “old days” in my dearest and loveliest Miss Tulips. The way she carries herself, the way she strives for the perfection of the style. The glamour, the savoir faire. Always researching to accomplish that look and release herself personally through it. Let’s face it, this is a way of life, and by saying that I mean that Pin up is a philosophy of life. We explore the word in a different way and we obviously filter it through a different set of color glasses. 

I am extremely proud of her because I see through this pin up enterprise a further objective.  I see a true quest for self realization that has a wonderful side effect! It radiates beauty into people and makes head spins every corner she passes by. Sure it is not going to be a walk in the park everyday. There might be people that won’t agree with the style, even harmful people that might make fun of it. But true enlightenment comes from deep personal fulfilling. And may I tell you that this is the case.  

Way to go my queen! I am your number one fan! 

Lots of love’.

So this sweet message got me thinking about how fortunate I am with such a supportive and super sweet boyfriend, and what Mr. Tulips had to say about the men in the streets and him potentially being jealous. I can imagine for him, being an ultimate gentleman together with being very Spanish it is a test for his patience and his self-control to walk next to me. Not because I think I get so much attention, but because people of course stare and talk, it mostly being very positive and friendly, and he wants to protect me at all times. Of course I have had my share of vulgar and inappropriate comments, actions or looks if I am alone and out in the streets or out for a drink, but this never seems to happen when I have my Mr. Tulips by my side.

It makes me think about why the hell it seems to men that there is a freedom to just act inappropriate, yell out, say, and mime out whatever they feel like, not considering it might make a woman very uncomfortable and feel unsafe. Like all women do I have stood in front of my closet many a times before going on a girls night out thinking: ‘What shall I wear tonight? Maybe not that dress/top/skirt, it might be too revealing or short and it is going to be just girls tonight.’ And how wrong is that?! Where did this go completely wrong, and when did we decide that women should adapt to inappropriate behavior that men could possibly portray, instead of men understanding that women are not some kind of lust object that deserve comments, slaps on the bust etc. when they dress a certain way? And I am not only referring to women with a style that is more revealing or outspoken, also women that tend to dress very modest get comments for looking too frigid, too much like a goody two shoes etc.

It soon comes to the subject of certain people thinking you as a woman can provoke getting molested, raped or abused by the way you dress. NO! This thought couldn’t me more wrong and disgusting. These forms of abuse are performed by people that are not well in the head and not because a women dresses or looks the way she does.

Unfortunately I have been in a position where I did not feel safe because of some man putting his hands on me in a bar. I didn’t want to act upon it, but when the male employees of the particular bar didn’t leave me a choice I decided I had to make clear to him that he had crossed my boundaries by screaming at him and slapping him across the face. It was a very unpleasant experience but not nearly as unpleasant as some women have experienced.

But I want to encourage us women to keep dressing exactly the way they want! Don’t lose your style and your RIGHT to dress the way you feel good and beautiful about. No matter if your style is more revealing, provoking, modest, sensual etc. 

I have been told many a times: ‘I love the way you dress/I love what you are wearing but I don’t dare to/I can’t pull this off/I would be afraid what people/my boyfriend/my family would say. And isn’t that a shame? Just go for it. Do what makes you happy!

Lots of love,

xoxo Miss Ginger Tulips


OOTD: Collectif Clothing Dolores top in Black Polkadot and Liesel Skirt in Red.

Hi everybody!

Today I review one of my favorite Collectif Clothing outfits. I bought it quite recently, after having been gazing at this skirt and top for a long time and boy am I glad I did!


This combination of the Liesel skirt and the Dolores top is so comfortable and makes me feel so cute! The full circle skirt is made of a beautiful and good quality fabric, that falls beautifully when you walk. It looks even better with a gorgeous black or white petticoat underneath, but since it is almost 40 degrees celsius out here today and I don’t want to melt, I left my petticoat in the Netherlands. The skirt has two very cute little bows in the front where the inside buttons are, making it look as if the suspenders where tied with ribbons.


By the way, I was quite hesitant to buy this skirt since I though the suspenders wouldn’t look good with a fuller bust. I went ahead and bought it anyway, since you can detach the suspenders, leaving you with a traditional full circle skirt. The suspenders are very smartly provided with two buttonholes, making it ideal to adapt to your bust size and making it able to either tie the suspenders straight over your back or cross them, like I like to do.


Don’t you just love the look of the Dolores top? I absolutely adore the shape of the bustline and how comfortable it is. You by now after reading my previous reviews must know my love for the Dolores dress, and adding this top to my collection was a definite must! Just like with the dresses the top has the two cute elastic buttons and elastic sleeves to secure them in place. The top has a zipper on the side that makes the top be beautifully snug around your tummy and bust.

IMG_9925So what do you think? I love the combination of these two, but how would you combine them?

Lots of love,


Miss Ginger Tulips